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Leaders in the wholesale of refurbished smartphones and tablets. We promote reusing consumer electronics, the circular economy and a more sustainable future.

We are ReWare

We are leading a revolution in the commercialisation of refurbished Smartphones and Tablets, bringing added economic and social value in a sustainable and competitive fashion.

We promote the rise of a circular economy


Offering our services and products across Europe


Led by an experienced team highly reputable across the sector


Trusted by the biggest retailers and distributors of consumer electronics in Europe

+200.000 mobile phones resold

For every 7 Smartphones we refurbish we save the planet 1kg of hardware waste So far we’ve saved more than 2.000 tons of CO2 and 30 tons of scrap metals

leading wholesale provider for refurbished mobile devices

We are the leading wholesale provider for refurbished Smartphones and Tablets in Europe, trusted by the biggest retail players in the market.

 We offer Buy Back programs powered by our network of trusted suppliers, where we process, repair and grade our products with the strictest quality controls and under ISO-certified conditions.

 We possess a wide range of refurbished smartphones and tablets on permanent stock, including top brands like Apple and Samsung.

 As a leading wholesaler, we are the best option in the market for  the distribution of terminals and refurbished devices,  offering buy back programs and  servicing the processing, repair and grading of used mobile devices and other consumer electronics.


The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that aims to promote a sustainable use of existing natural resources.

In practice, this involves initiatives that promote and encourage reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products; thus maximising their life cycle.

Circular Economy enables the double generation of added value, for consumers and for the environment, promoting access to high-value technology at affordable prices, on the one hand, and reducing waste and CO2 emissions on the other.

Extended ReWare warranty for free

If you have purchased a device with a 1+1 warranty, register and get an extra year for free.

Extend your ReWare warranty for free

If you have purchased a device with a 1+1 year warranty, register and get your extra year free.

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