Refurbished Terminals and Grading

Wholesale and distribution of refurbished mobile devices. Bringing a more affordable and sustainable alternative.

ReWare was founded with the vision of increasing access to the latest generation of technologies at a lower cost to consumers and the environment. With this ambition in mind, we designed the range of products and services we offer today.

ReWare CPO

This is our flagship product designed for retailers, mobile operators and consumer electronics specialists. We offer:

  • Terminal in perfect condition cosmetically (A+/A) and functionally
  • Refurbished or repaired with original and/or certified parts from approved suppliers
  • An exhaustive quality control process with more than 40 functional tests
  • An end product packaged with approved/certified charger and cable; including high-quality fully sealed packaging.

Grading HSO

We market HSO devices (Handset Only) with different cosmetic quality grades (A, B, C and D).

These products are graded and verified functionally in our facilities: both if they have been repurchased through our BuyBack program or if they have been provided through our national/international network of suppliers.

These products have a 3-month warranty.