Reware Warranty


Our main objective is to offer the broadest possible guarantee to ensure our clients are as satisfied as possible.

At ReWare we have developed tools and procedures to optimise our value chain and deliver on our promises of keeping client satisfaction as high as possible, these include:

  • Facilities, processes and SAT under ISO certified conditions
  • Experienced and highly qualified technical team
  • Advanced tools for quality control, testing and repair services
  • Certified/approved parts of the highest quality (AAA)
  • Partnerships with the biggest global suppliers
  • Full department dedicated to customer services including an online platform for client query management

Our commitment, your peace of mind

If you have purchased a device with a 1+1 year warranty, register and get your extra year free.
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* The warranty extension must be requested within the first three months from the date of purchase of the terminal. Any request for an extension of the guarantee outside this period will be rejected and will not be registered.

The extension will entail the extension of coverage to the second year under the specified conditions. In no case will it imply the application of the third year of warranty, regardless of whether you have purchased on our website, in any other marketplace or channel that already offers a two-year warranty, as well as any other warranty extension promotion that may be carried out.

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